Vicky von Vicky
19. September 2023 By Walter Price 0

…remember me, VICKY von VICKY Not the Man

Vicky von Vicky Not the Man is available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer

Vicky von Vicky

by Walter Price

The recent single “Not The Man” from Ontario rocknrollers Vicky von Vicky is a contemplative song examining the journey of change and what’s left behind in the rearview. With its nod to both post-punk and folk, this track sounds like a song you’d love to hear wafting from your local watering hole’s early 90s jukebox.

In a quote provided to the GTC and attributed to the band’s Michael Wynn, the single’s construction is explained, “I’ve always been attracted to the Springsteen style of songwriting where you develop characters and a story – which are largely fictional – that are drawn from personal experiences. I usually like to put some sort of twist on that too, like the Pixies would.”

For those fans of straight-up reflective alt-rock, “Not The Man” is for you Stream it here, at the GTC.

VICKY von VICKY Not the Man

Band photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of Vicky von Vicky and Autuer Research

Words by Michael Wynn

Music by Michael Wynn, Paul Pasanen, Rolston Miller & Thomas Nesbitt

Produced, Recorded, and mixed by Nixon Boyd (Banquet Sound/Simcoe Mechanical)

Mastered by Noah Mintz, the Lacquer Channel

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Originating in Toronto during the late 1990s, the band was formed by former members of Trains of Winter from Kingston, Ontario, along with Chris Wynn, replaced by Nesbitt (who was previously part of London, Ontario’s The Others). Within the local music scene, Vicky von Vicky quickly established themselves as a formidable presence.” – bio

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