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PLAY IT AGAIN, GTC EXCLUSIVE: TRENDS, and five albums that impacted and inspired their lives

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by Trends

These five records greatly impacted our lives, and the musicians in these bands have always been huge inspirations for us. They created music that resonated with us during some of our major life experiences. The following records helped shape the sound of Trends and we can only hope to pay it forward and release music that makes a difference.

Karen’s Pick: Tegan and Sara – The Con (2007)


I played this album countless times driving around in my car. Whether the days were sunny or gloomy, this was my soundtrack for a long time. I love the entire album and its boundless creativity. This record was my first contact with Tegan and Sara. I was hooked the first time I heard the title track, “The Con.” It’s one of those albums that just takes one full play to fall in love with. I admire how raw and exposed their feelings are throughout each song, you can really hear the honesty of it all. I had the amazing opportunity to go to their 10th-anniversary celebration of the record and it was fantastic to finally see them perform the album from beginning to end, right in front of me. 

Jose’s Pick: Radiohead – In Rainbows (2007)


“In Rainbows” by Radiohead is the album that helped expand my musical taste. The complexity of the melodies combined with the rhythmic harmony between the bass and the drums is something that has inspired the kind of musician that I am today. This is an album that I often find myself thinking about. If I’m looking to be inspired when writing some music, this record is one of my first choices. “Weird Fishes” is my favorite track. 

Abe’s Pick: John Mayer – Where The Light Is (Live Album) (2007)


I was a late John Mayer fan. I stumbled upon this album just when I was about to make a pivotal turn in my life. I was going to move out of my hometown and go to the BIG city of Los Angeles… I was in my early 20’s, and the relocation meant leaving a lot of old emotions and sentiments behind. I had to make room for new experiences and leave a lot of my past behind since I felt it had no relevance to my new life in LA. But it was hard to let a lot of things go. This new start was a defining moment in my life and this album seemed to understand what I was going through. It indulged me, with all my baggage and aspirations for the future me. This is definitely a record that encouraged my growth. 

Marina’s Pick: Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare (2007)


Well, it seems like we’re all stuck in 2007, so let’s add another to this list. “Favourite Worst Nightmare” was (and will always be) a banger from start to finish. My best friend and I have seen this record played live so many times. Seeing AM perform was always such an amazing experience. They really expanded my sense of what it meant to put on a great show. They gave me an understanding of what a band should look like on stage and how the music should feel from the audience’s perspective. This album is just a massive burst of energy, full of angst and unthreatened ego. It stands tall, it has confidence, and it’s everything I wanted to embody at the time. “Balaclava” is my go-to. 

Trends as a whole: Paramore – Riot! (2007)


I had no idea this album was also released in 2007, but it’s one that still gets played a lot. This is one of those records that sounds really well-thought-out. I think a big part of every successful release has to do with intention. It’s such a part-oriented album, and it’s just always felt like every riff, hook, and beat was created with purpose and amazing execution. “Riot!” is a well-woven masterpiece. It’s hard to write songs, and I think it’s even harder to write a record that plays from top to bottom with so much vigor and force. There are so many amazing songs on this one, but “For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic” is one of the most iconic and confident album entrances ever made.


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