5. October 2014 By Walter Price 0

The Thundergod Brian Johnson Hits 67!

Brian Johnson

Today The GTC would like to send a Very Happy 67th Birthday wish to Mister Brian Johnson. As the powerhouse voice of one of the best Rock N’ Roll bands to hit the stage, AC/DC, you have kept us in the righteous noise for over 30 years now and we likes it!

There has never been any debate in my mind on who the best AC/DC vocalist was/is, because it doesn’t make a hoot! AC/DC has never disappointed under whichever man of rock was at the mic. (I do think there is a generation of rockers who may have never heard of Bon Scott but we’ll save that discussion for another day.)

Brian, you and the boys of AC/DC have always proven at least one thing for sure. No matter your favorite genre of music, if an AC/DC track comes on the car stereo, the windows go down and the volume goes way up! Long live the Rock N’ Roll!!!

We wish you and the boys all the best with the new album and best wishes to the Rock N’ God that is Malcolm Young!
Hey, what would you like to say on your day…

“I was annoyed that Bon wasn’t given the respect due when he was alive.” – Brian Johnson

 “People are famous for being famous and for nothing else. And good luck to them, because it lasts about a year and then they’re nothing again.” – Brian Johnson

“We’re never going to win any Grammy awards. We’re never gonna win any respect from the squeaky-clean mob and Rolling Stone or everybody like that, because we don’t give any messages out that they think are important.” – Brian Johnson

“Punk and all that was just an image that ripped people off. Johnny Rotten’s a wanker, and that’s all there is to it.” – Brian Johnson

“We just go out and don’t give a fuck about critics. We play what we play and that’s that.” – Brian Johnson

“I’m lucky enough never to have to stand and queue or pay to see this band, cos I really enjoy listening to ’em. That’s no bullshit, I’m really serious!” – Brian Johnson

Also Born Today: Brian Connolly – Sweet(1949-1997), Lucius Ross – Funkadelic(1948), lee Thompson – Madness(1957) & Dave Dederer – Presidents of the U.S.A.(1966)