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Your GTC Weekly Top Ten: 29 September – 5 October 2014

Dangermaker Reid McNally

Dangermaker (Photo by Reid McNally)

Another week done gone and a new one is upon us which is cool. We The GTC start our first full week here at our new address and it brings to mind that famous quote from Marcel Proust, “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Yeah, so let’s continue discovering new music and celebrating the killer classics. A good plan is oh so sweet.

We would like to thank Adam from Dangermaker and Matt Adams from The Bank Tapes for stopping by and filling us in a little more about their new releases. Diverse in sounds but unified in Oh Yeahs. Thanks fellas!

This past week we had no choice in learning that Pink Floyd still has the ethereal juice, J.P. Kallio is a man of far ranging talents, Alle Royale really loves his knack for all things Rock N’ Rolla, B.B. King needs are thoughts as he recovers from illness, we’re starting to think Nickleback is just a punching bag for all things wrong with corporate rock, Best Coast gets some needed cred, Dierks Bentley is how you navigate the upper rungs of the music business, we got a note saying Oklahoma indie pop artists Quil are hitting the studio for a new album, USA’s National Football League is a bizarre empire and Björk is magical. Google it…

How was your week?

Thanks again for stopping by and helping us support and marvel at the best artists making music!

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