this town gets around
10. August 2023 By Walter Price 0


Margo Price and the Pricetags This Town Gets Around is available on Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, Third Man

This Town Gets Around

by Walter Price

By now, Margo Price is a household name within the music purist communities. But back in 2015/2016, the world en masse was just learning about this powerhouse honky-tonk songwriter. With her highly ballyhooed debut LP “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter”, Price carried on the tradition of bold and honest feminist-laced storylines that Loretta, Dolly, Dottie, and Patsy braved back when.

Track after track on “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter” is an absolute gem, but if you want to hear Price recalling that pointed finger at the patriarchal grip that Dolly’s “9 to 5” had back in 1980, then look no further than track 6, “This Town Gets Around”.

I believe this gritty fuck you to the sexist old ways Nashville boys ‘promoted’ female artists was just ahead of society’s attempt at dismantling these misogynistic practices. Certainly debatable at another time… Nonetheless, backed by a roadhouse shuffle, Price paints the scene, “As the saying goes, it’s not who you know/ But it’s who you blow that’ll get you in the show/ And if that’s not the case I hear you pay ’em/ But I don’t come easy and I’m flat broke/ So I guess it’s me who gets the joke/ Maybe I’d be smarter if I played dumb…”

An all too familiar tale and while some things have started a slow turn towards the positive, there’s still far too much of this stuff going down in the ‘biz’. Thank the heavens above we have mighty songwriters such as Price and the like to keep a bright light on dim goings on.

Price like her musical heroes is a true trailblazer and all started, for the masses anyway, with her phenomenal debut “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter” and tracks like “This Town Gets Around”. Hear it here, at the GTC.

MARGO PRICE & the PRICETAGS This Town Gets Around

Photos by Danielle Holbert

Produced by Matt Ross-Spang, Alex Munoz
Writer, composer, vocals + by Margo Price

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I can’t count all the times I’ve been had
Now I know much better than to let that make me mad
I don’t let none of that get me down
From what I’ve found this town gets around

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