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Things You Can Buy Today 8 April 2014

Click the Album Title For More Info… Dirtmusic – ‘Lion City
“Lion City” the new Dirtmusic album, is culled from the same Bamako sessions as “Troubles” but offers a decidedly different atmosphere and ambiance. While the Ben Zabo band is still the core collaborator, the textures and tempos are slower and more opaque. Organics and electronics intertwine and unfold unpredictably. There are less guitars and more liquid sounds. The outward frustration and fear documented on the previous album has given way to something more insular and pensive. The echoing space between the notes is emphasized and subsequently so are the voices and the texts.
Samba Toure provides a vocal and lyric for “Red Dust” a song that enshrines the contemplative mood of the album. Over a swirling dub-scape he intones: “How can we reconcile and forgive? How can we bring peace to those that hate us? Yet we have no choice, We need to stop fighting.”
While Samba Toure, Ben Zabo and his band, and Aminata Wassidje Traore previously appeared on “Troubles”, “Lion City” also features an inspired team of new collaborators. (Excerpt From Glitterhouse Records)
Black Label Society – ‘Catacombs OfThe Black Vatican
“ I think everyone can expect a lot of fun and excitement [laughs]! It was like what Chris Farley did in that one skit, where he was selling that hair-care product. Make sure you always use the word “fun” when you describe it [laughs]!
Someone asked me what the difference was between this new record and the other nine. I told them that it’s basically all of the songs we used on the other nine records, except they’ve got different titles now [laughs]. It’s fun and exciting for the whole family!” – Zakk Wylde (Interview in guitarworld.com w/ James Wood)
Sweet Apple – ‘The Golden Age Of Glitter
“For Dinosaur Jr. fans “The Golden Age of Glitter” at first may sound like a big departure for J Mascis and his cohorts. Thankfully, it doesn’t stray too much from the formula to keep fans from enjoying the experience. Sweet Apple provide a dose of classic rock that has a few twists and turns along the way. The band consists of two members of neo-glam metal band Cobra Verde Tim Parnin and John Petkovic as well as Dave Sweetapple himself who played with Mascis in Witch. The Golden Age of Glitter marks their return and this is their second full length album to date.” – Kenneth Fox (liveordiemusic.com)
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