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Things You Can Buy Today 27 May 2014

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Echo & The Bunnymen – ‘Meteorites(429 Records)

“For me, this is a whole new approach. It’s more edgy than anything I’ve ever done, I’m dealing with something on this record I didn’t want to deal with for a long time.
I wrote from the soul, more so than the heart and the brain. It scares the hell out of me, and surprises me, how much I’ve been able to reveal without putting a veil over it.
There were signs all through my life of what was down there inside me. [Debut album Crocodiles track] Rescue touched on it as an 18 or 19 year old, but maybe it was seeing the future more than what was happening at the time.” – Ian McCulloch (The York Press)
Neil Young – ‘A Letter Home(Reprise)
“The opening narration’s conversational tone continues in the performances. The majority of the songs are from the late 1950s—Ivory Joe Hunter’s “Since I Met You Baby” and the Everly Brothers’ “I Wonder If I Care as Much”—and from the 1960s: compositions by Bob Dylan, Tim Hardin, Bert Jansch, Gordon Lightfoot and Phil Ochs, all of whom helped shape Mr. Young’s approach to music. Listeners who brave their way through the recordings’ occasionally overbearing snap, crackle and pop will find Mr. Young in a melancholy mood as he sings in sequence “Changes,” Ochs’s lament about shifting memories; Mr. Dylan’s ballad of lost love, “Girl From the North Country”; and “Needle of Death,” Jansch’s tale of despair and drug abuse. His version of Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” gives the collection a lift; it features on piano Mr. White, who contributes the harmony vocal on the Everly Brothers cover. The deluxe “A Letter Home” package contains a DVD that shows a diligent Mr. Young at work, often with Mr. White looking over his shoulder, and includes his performances without the noise of the Voice-O-Graph’s disc.” – Jim Fusilli (WSJ)

Roll The Tanks – ‘Broke Til Midnight(Epitaph)

“We’re about to release our new record, ‘Broke Til Midnight’ on May 23rd via Epitaph Records. We wanted to make a big ridiculous rock record about life these days. Not just our lives but everyone’s lives. Prior to recording we noticed this lengthy trend of silver spoon bands recording at big fancy studios and then mixing it to sound like it was recorded in a garage like some kind of faux lo-fi or something. Everything had become pre-worn, pre-faded, pre-lived, pre-tentious, etc. So we decided to record in a garage with little money and make it sound like big and proud high fidelity rock n roll. It felt fresh and relevant, it just felt right. There’s a built-in humor to it all between that and the lyrical content. I guess we just felt like there was an opportunity to say “fuck you” in a new and completely unpredictable way.” – Danny Carney (w/ Bomber bombshellzine.com)

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