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NEWS: Faz Waltz Prep New Album

By Walter Price

The mighty Italian rock outfit, Faz Waltz, have announced they will head into the studio to work on the follow-up to 2013’s Back On Mondo.
I spoke with band front man Faz La Rocca this morning about the yet untitled release and he says he and bandmates, Diego Angelini and Marco Galimberti, will hit up T.U.P. Studio in Brescia, Italy in September. Faz will co-produce with Pier Ballarin and Bruno Barcella.
To kindly wet our appetites before the album sees the light of day, sometime between this November and January 2015, the band plans on releasing a 7″ and accompanying video.
Back On Mondo

I asked Faz what direction the new project will be heading, ”We’ve always had this strong Glam Rock attitude. In this new record it will be stronger than ever. More rockers,  less ballads. A real wild Rock N’ Roll album.”

On if the band plan to continue playing shows during the recording process he added, “Yes, we can’t stop playing live!” Great news indeed, if you live in Italy
There ya go, all good stuff. If you haven’t checked out their last ass shaking and soul thumping offering Back On Mondo, you should do so today. The GTC’s Alle Royale said of the album “Faz Waltz can rock you hard without overstepping on their distortion pedals, it’s a sixties sounding affair that doesn’t sound dated at all; it’s vital, colorful, vibrant with apparent simplicity but rich in subtle details that will make your foot stomping wild till exhaustion.” 

Right on brother, take it for a spin and we’ll keep you updated on the new album.
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