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Things You Can Buy Today 18 March 2014

Dead Rider – Chills On Glass

“Trying to neatly define what Dead Rider do is a fool’s errand, because they never quite fit any definition accurately. Sometimes they’re emphatically shaking it loose on the dancefloor to a scabrous thunder of electro hooks, occasionally they’re crawling through grime infested jazz tunnels towards certain doom (Fumes and Nothing Else), and sometimes they give themselves over to the simple pleasures of rock n roll abandon. More usually, they add a little of everything into the mix and wait to see what happens.
There are elements of other bands in there of course. It’s possible to spot the DNA of Butthole Surfers, Desert Sessions style Queens Of The Stone Age (vocally), Liars, Wolf Eyes and Mr Bungle, but Dead Rider are really doing their own thing and testing the boundaries with every new release. All of which means that quite often Chills On Glass demands time to be fully understood. It is far from immediate, and there are times when it seems almost impenetrable.” – Sam Shepherd (Review: musicomh.com)

Taking Back Sunday – Happiness Is

“If the first half of Happiness Is finds Taking Back Sunday showcasing their new sound and the various ways they can present it to listeners, then the back half of the record finds them settling into a groove of adult situations and hindsight that boasts some of their best musical offerings to date. It begins with the melancholy reflection of “It Takes More” and builds to deeply emotionally “Nothing At All,” with elements of their angsty younger selves littered along the way. “Better Homes And Gardens,” specifically, plays like a sequel to the back half of Where You Want To Be (only with additional influence from John Nolan and Sean Cooper, of course).” – James Shotwell (Review: underthegunreview.com)

Wishbone Ash – Blue Horizon

“’Blue Horizon’ is a rambling album, a testament to the band’s ever developing and transient sound. It is hard to be kind to much else but the record’s steely production and the group’s effective use of rhythm and melodic phrasing. Of course, one cannot ignore Wishbone’s howling blues chops. Alas, the album cries out to be given cohesion, a theme. In future they could just hire Turner to do the job (in my dreams!). With a more solid musical identity this record would be riper. For fans of the Powell-era this is an acceptable volume, but for newcomers to Wishbone’s legacy, 1972’s ‘Argus’ should be your guide.” – Chris Burrage (itsfluffy.com)
Kevin Drew – Darlings
“That “Broken Social Scene Presents:” is nowhere to be found on Drew’s new record, Darlings, and the sound of the record is a marked split from the washed-out fuzz and heavy reliance on guitars of Spirit If…. In its place seems to be a much more personal, solitary statement, a true stepping out for Drew as a solo performer and songwriter. So it makes sense that Drew’s voice is clear and high in the mix here, the songs behind him lush and building, subtle enough that we focus not solely on layers of sound but also on what Drew has to say.” – Matthew Fiander (popmatters.com)

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