19. March 2014 By Walter Price 0

Music For Sunny Daze Pt. 3 (Countrified)

By Walter Price

If you’re like me and grew up spending the Summertime fishing the crick or water tank, hangin’ at the lake or hitting the county fair or cruising the town drag in old rusted/ragged-out, err, classic Detroit muscle. 
Then, hey, we can spend some time together! Good times indeed and we’ll need some tunes to go with those beer, bait and sweaty outdoor and cruisin for a bruisin memory making days.
When I was a kid being a hillbilly, redneck or even ‘white trash’ wasn’t very cool at all. Not a badge of honor but who we were. At a time when the culture was pastel Polo collar up and electro-synth music was the mainstream. Since then, somehow the ways of the simple working men and women, the true backbone of societies, has been hijacked. Urban nincompoops who dress like synthetic cowboys (and gals) and taking country and rockabilly sounds to places I can hardly recognize. 
Times are a-changin’ but there is great news, there are some sizzlin’ down-home sounds out there that would please the fur off an ole tomcat and keep the sunny days a little more country. 

So kick back and pop a top…Lets check out some tunes!
Shooter Jennings
The son of you know who has been pushing the envelope in rockin’ country for some time now and although he mixes genres, he is making honest sounds and hot damn he’s a righteous son-of-a-gun! (and SJ has a new live album out, get it)
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John David Kent

I’ll stick to what I said when JDK’s Before the Sun Comes Up came out late last year: 

“An album with the open road in mind. As you’ll find out, after a good listen or twenty, is that JDK has created a one of a kind sound without straying too far off that familiar Southern highway.” – Me (12 August 2013)

Oh, hell yeah! Let the sun shine bright and the good times roll! 

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Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Ya’ Mama Big Band
British jug band revivalists that will sound right at home at any tailgate down, knee slappin’ bonfire drink fest. Wait, British? Yes, hillbilly sounds ain’t got no borders. Take a listen and try not be hooked! My grandma would be as pleased as punch as I am. 

Chris Leigh and the Broken Hearts
Chris Leigh’s album Broken Hearted Friends may be more for the, God forbid, unfortunate times that you’re bo or gal leaves you hangin’ solo and runs off to the barn, honky tonk or back bedroom with some other Summertime love but hey, Leigh’s lyrical honesty will have you bellying up to a bottle of Jack to ease the pain. 
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Lydia Loveless

One of the best voices in the perpetual  alt-country-rockin’ movement, Lydia Loveless continues to amaze. No holds barred lyrical greatness and just enough twang to satisfy any countrified soul while leaving the gate open for others to join the party. 

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