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17. March 2014 By Walter Price 0

Your GTC Weekly Top Ten: 10 – 16 March 2014

J.P. Kallio
Last week we had the chance to chat with a true musical renaissance man, J.P. Kallio, and this is a name you should get to know.
Out of Ireland this Finnish singer songwriter is about to release a new solo album Northern Boy on 25 March and I bet you’ll find it a fine fit in your record collection. 
In other GTC news, Junior Brown is still holding strong at #1 on the reader leader Top 10. His name is already known in Europe but for whatever reason there seems to be a huge renewed interest n his twang & growl sounds over here. We can dig it!
Thanks again for stopping by for another week of grand music bits to gander at! We look forward to doing it again this week. 
Your Weekly GTC Top 10 (Links)
  1. Junior Brown’s Twang & Growl.
  2. J.P. Kallio: Northern Boy.
  3. Music For Sunny Daze Pt.1.
  4. Things You Can Buy Today 12 march 2014.
  5. Music for Sunny Daze Pt. 2.
  6. Andrea Schroeder: Ghosts Of Berlin.
  7. The Graveltones don’t wait down….
  8. Review: Imperial State Electric – ‘Reptile Brain Music’.
  9. The Beatles & Ken Michaels Come Together.
  10. Meet The Naysayers.
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