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“This dude has just blown up and it’s so well deserved. The comparison to Chris Ledoux has been made time and time again, but for good reason. Cody is a cowboy that puts on one of the best high energy shows out there today. Put him on the same stage with any of the people that are up for Entertainer of the Year, and Cody will not only hold his own, but might just shock the hell out of everyone and eclipse 
them!” – AdamDrakeOnAir.

“High Hopes is an album from an artist riding yet another towering creative wave and there’s lashings of inspirational anthems to devour within this collection, whether you’re a Bruce addict or just someone who occasionally sings ‘Born To Run’ after a few too many cold ones on karaoke night.” – Alex Fletcher (digitalspy.co.uk)

“It has been 7 years since Mustard Plug‘s last album, they are continuing into their 22nd year as a band, and their eighth and latest album kicks major ass. Mustard Plug strikes again as they bring us the classic third-wave ska that we all know and love. The album is called Can’t Contain It and let me tell you that I could not contain my head from bobbing up and down as I listened to all fourteen tracks. This entire album is a testament to Mustard Plug’s constant achievement of making their audience dance, sing, and have a damn good time while listening to their music.” – Chris Roob (ForTheLoveOfPunk.com)

“Set to Reflect – Artificial Sun (Standby Records): Baton down the hatches, man the battle stations, fasten your seatbelt, double knot your shoelaces. Do whatever you have to do to prepare for what’s in store on Set to Reflect’s debut full length Artificial Sun, because this shit is chaotic. In a very good way…” – Brian Campbell (examiner.com)
“Since “Black Cadillac,” Cash’s work has carried a noticeable gravitas, even when the material was lighter, such as 2009’s “The List,” on which she interpreted country songs her father had deemed essential. On “The River & the Thread,” her latest, Cash comes full circle as a storyteller and singer of exceptional grace and grit. It’s among her finest work in a 35-year career, assured and at ease, and one of 2014’s first great albums.” – James Reed (Boston Globe)


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