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Johnny Cash Is “Out Among The Stars”

By Walter Price

A few weeks ago we excitedly passed the word along that there was a newly discovered ‘lost’ Johnny Cash album set for release in 2014.Now a teaser clip has been released and has been making its way round the internets. As well as a track listing for the release…

To catch you up, Cash recorded an album in the early 80’s (’81 & ’84) with famed producer Billy Sherrill (George Jones / Tammy Wynette / Charlie Rich) and he and his label, Columbia, seemed to have had some sort of impasse over the style/sound and the album was shelved until it was found in the Cash Family archives last year by son John Carter Cash. 

The album, ‘Out Among The Stars’,  will be out on 25 March 2014 via Columbia (go figure) and finds Cash duetting it with Waylon Jennings and June Carter Cash on a few of the much anticipated tracks. 

Here is the tracks list:
  1. ‘Out Among The Stars’
  2. ‘Baby Ride Easy’ (feat. June Carter Cash)
  3. ‘She Used To Love Me A Lot’
  4. ‘After All’
  5. ‘I’m Movin’ On’ (feat. Waylon Jennings)
  6. ‘If I Told You Who It Was’
  7. ‘Call Your Mother’
  8. ‘I Drove Her Out Of My Mind’
  9. ‘Tennessee’
  10. ‘Rock And Roll Shoes’
  11. ‘Don’t You Think It’s Come Our Time’ (feat. June Carter Cash)
  12. ‘I Came To Believe’
I have no idea how much ‘new’ or unheard Johnny Cash material is still ‘lost’ in that family archive but this will be a must have for any country and/or rock fan. 

Check out the promo trailer below for the coming release with a snippet from the track “She Used to Love Me a Lot”….


The last time I wrote about this album I pondered how much more ‘lost or ‘new’ Johnny Cash material was still in that family vault…Guess what, John Carter Cash recently made the following statement(s) in a Rebecca Jones article for the BBC.:

“There is more music to be released that is unheard, there are some great recordings. But we don’t want to release something unless it means something. It has to be in line with what we believe my father would have wanted released…Do you want to see another Picasso if there’s one that nobody has ever seen before?” he asked. “I would say that probably the world would want to see another Picasso. And it’s really the same thing. This is a work of art.” – John Carter Cash (BBC)

So, there ya go…Good to know and we look forward to whatever unheard music the family ‘finds’! 

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