12. March 2014 By Walter Price 0

Things You Can Buy Today 12 March 2014

Blaudzun – Promises Of No Man’s Land

Promises Of No Man’s Land shows a more dynamic sound than before. Apart from Blaudzun’s remarkable and characteristic voice the sound is determined more and more by orotund drums, electric guitars and analogue synths.
“l’ve been looking for a more vitriolic and edgy sound. Angry instead of fragile. That’s what the songs asked for. I see them as modern war cries; the songs you sing either before or after a battle, whether you win or not.” – Blaudzun  (Glitterhouse.com)



311 – Stereolithic
Most of the reviews for this album have been less than positive. With the recurring complaint that this album comes off as standard issue 311 and, well, yes it does. But do you have to reinvent the wheel every time you release a good time party album? I say not. Metal, ska-funkin’-grooves, thumping beats and hip swaying fun in a new familiar way. – Walter Price (The GTC)

Ozomatli – Place In The Sun

“Ozomatli’s sound may now be more polished than in their early days (for example, the role of turntablist – a role fulfilled by Cut Chemist on early recordings – seems to have diminished), but it is no less subversive in its mix of Latin and reggae rhythms with hip-hop, electronic and straight-ahead pop stylings. The new record still brims with enough energy, collective spirit and infectious grooves that should make any Angelino proud to have them represent our fair city.  Viva Ozo!” -Eric J. Lawrence (kcrw.com)
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