10. March 2014 By Walter Price 0

Music For Sunny Daze Pt. 1

By Walter Price

A slew of grand music is making its way out (if not out already) that should make the warmer, sunnier and good vibe seasons just that much better and I thought I’d share what I’m taking for a spin! 
Of course nothing will ever replace the classics from the Beach Boys, AC/DC, Jane’s Addiction, Billy Stewart, Old 97s, Bananarama or whatever you have in your ever expanding playlists created for your favorite outdoor activities. But I think these artists have a a super swell chance of joining the club. 
So, with that said, here is Pt. 1 of Music For Sunny Daze…

Three Days Dark
Modernized airy psychedelic rock from mastermind Trent Halliday. The name of the project may not conjure up beach bikini memories at first but the sounds solve all that.

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Interesting name for a group that is producing swelling folk-ish style tunes that feel right at home with laid back easy feelings. Big sunny cheers to Rob LeCheminant and the gang!
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The Graveltones
Wall of sound power blues rock n’ roll from duo Jimmy O.and Mikey Sorbello, these guys will get your motor running and make that open highway feel more than alright!

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