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Your Weekly GTC Top 10 for 03 – 09 March 2014

Junior Brown
Here is a look at what was read most this past week over here at The GTC. It was a very interesting week indeed. A week that watched our Junior Brown article, published last October, catch a hot Texas wind and shoot straight to the top!
I suppose this has to do with whatever it is that saw his Facebook Page blow up in followers as well. Great artist who deserves everything he has going for him. Guit Steel
Another first for The GTC is that we have three bands from Italy in the top 5 this week. Is Italy the new hotspot for rock? Perhaps, if Faz Waltz, Greasy Spoonand Tytus have anything to say about it! 
A very huge shout-out (do people still do that?) to The Graveltones‘ Jimmy O.and Mikey Sorbello for chatting with us. Pick up their stellar debut ‘don’t wait down’. Hard driving blues rock from a killer duo that will keep the Spring and Summer smokin’ hot!
Again, thank you for checking out the goings on over here last week. We truly dig pursuing the sounds that have significant weight in this time of throw away pop-tarts and teen idols gone wild.
One more thing of note. Our chat with Rival Sons has unseated Neal Casal‘s interview 5 months after it was published. Unbelievable, a position Casal held for 5 months to the day! It isn’t a contest by any means but just some good-time this and that. Check out the all time Top 5 below. Cheers!
Your Weekly Top 10 Links
  1. Junior Brown’s Growl & Twang.
  2. TYTUS – White Lines.
  3. Birth Of Greasy Spoon.
  4. The Graveltones don’t wait down….
  5. Review: Faz Waltz – ‘Back On Mondo’.
  6. The Temperance Movement Tour 2014 (+Q&A).
  7. The Naysayers’ Blood Christmas.
  8. Rival Sons Are Maximum R&B.
  9. Andrea Schroeder: Ghosts Of Berlin.
  10. Review: The Mercy Kills – ‘Happy To Kill You’.
Top Countries Of Audience Origins
  1. USA
  2. Thailand
  3. Germany
  4. Italy
  5. China
  6. UK
  7. Russia
  8. Canada
  9. Switzerland
  10. Ukraine
Top 5 All Time Articles