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Things You Can Buy Today 01 October 2013

John David Kent
‘Before The Sun Comes UP’

Looks like a great album buying day ahead of us…

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“This album is 100% pure good times. From the rockin’ opening track “Country Twang” to “Free To Drive” and the title song “Before the Sun Comes Up”, you’ll want to play this at high volume as you head down that open highway. A winner of an album!” -Walter Price (The GTC)

“The traditional song “I Shall Not Be Moved” is on here, in case you want a familiar song sung by the Blind Boys of Alabama and a reason to clap and sing along, whether you’re at the local concerts or at home alone. Hearing them sing Charlie Parr’s “Jubilee,” featuring (Patty) Griffin, is indeed, a jubilee. In the recording, one of the men sings: “Alright now, you know what, it sounds pretty good. I’m beginning to feel alright.” Yes, yes it does sound pretty good, and we’re feeling alright.” – Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan (heraldsun.com)
Hey, it’s the first of the month, let’s skip the bill paying and buy some albums…

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