15. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

Things Are Finally Looking Up For Sir Paul

According to several sources Sir Paul McCartney is set to regain control of The Beatles song copyrights, in about five years. 

If you remember, Paul lost control of these highly valued assets to The King Of Silly Pop back in 1985 when Michael Jackson outbid McCartney to the tune of $40 million plus. This ruined the once grand friendship and sometimes collaborators for good. 

If I recall correctly, it was McCartney who offered Jackson investment advice. Making note that music publishing is the place to put one’s money. Good move Sir Paul!

This all has to do with the US Copyright Act of 1978 that says that songs written previous to 1978 revert back to the songwriter(s) after 56 years. Good thing Paul won’t ever die, he’ll be able to rake in some good change once again. Plus, who didn’t think it was way too creepy that MJ owned a part of The Beatles legacy? 

If that wasn’t great enough news for PM, his 16th studio album is coming! Paul has been in studios with some the best producers out there. Ethan Johns(Ryan Adams, Kings Of Leon), Giles Martin(son of George Martin, Eh?) and Paul Epworth(Adele). Should be a smashing project.

We’ll keep you posted!

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