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6. February 2020 By Walter Price 0

Love you can comprehend, SINGLE: THIN LEAR – “Maniacs” [Wooden Cave LP]

Thin Lear – Wooden Cave, expected 24 April, is available for pre-order at Bandcamp.

Thin Lear

by Walter Price

There’s something particularly extraordinary coming from Queens, in the form of Thin Lear’s forthcoming album, ‘Wooden Cave’. A collection inspired by 1920’s occultist Netta Fornario. Which, on paper, is evenly intriguing and bizarre. But not long into this LP and captivation replaces all else.

Not only in the way Matt Longo uses his gift for picturesque lyric construction, but for arrangments that prove unlike anything released in recent memory. It’s an album that transports you back to the heyday of laying on the floor, headphones on, analyzing each nook and cranny, trying in earnest to identify each production nuance, instrument, and sneaky sound. A pure musicophile dream.

Ahead of the album’s April release, via Egghunt Records, you can sample three stunning tracks at Bandcamp. And below you can stream the vulnerable first single “Maniacs”. And with this one, you’ll want to close your eyes as you soak it all in…


Artists photo via Egghunt Records

All songs written by Matt Longo, except Death in a Field and Behold You Now (written by Matt Longo and Paul Longo)

Produced and Mixed by Aady Pandit and Matt Longo
Recorded at The Underground Lair in Astoria, Queens
Mastered by Joe Lambert
Additional Engineering by Carlos Fonseca and Nolan Thies

Full list of album credits, here.

thin lear

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