souvenir season
5. February 2020 By Walter Price 0

You’re gonna miss me, SINGLE: SOUVENIR SEASON – “Broken Glass” [Leap! EP]

Souvenir Season – Leap! EP is available at Apple Music.

souvenir season

by Walter Price

No matter your taste in the hallowed soundscapes of Dreampop, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Lush or Camouflage, German duo Souvenir Season’s latest release ‘Leap!’ will fulfill your every need. Each cinematic vignette as lyrically dark and poetic as the arrangments are suspenseful and brooding. And the best way to get into this 4-track gem is to start at the start, but if you’re on the go, get your curiosities satisfied with their shoegaze lesson in torment, track two, “Broken Glass”…

Shattered, broke my healing chest
Here is to pain
Offer me my own remains

This is the end of a slow, unfair death
You’re feeding me broken glass, oh
You’re gonna miss me

Years I kept waiting
Holding the line
Throwing me crumbs
Until eventually I die

You can stream the full ‘Leap!’ EP and watch a striking stripped-down version, below.


Photo via Facebook

Sarah E. Wohlfahrt – vocals & lyrics
Birger Nießen – music & instruments

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Birger Nießen

souvenir season

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