the oceans young
9. August 2022 By Walter Price 0

…stars will lead her through, THE OCEANS Young & High

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the oceans young

by Walter Price

The recent single “Young & High” from Danish pop duo The Oceans [Linus Valdemar and Dan Joe] will transport the listener back to the post-post punk era when The Cure, Alphaville, and Modern Talking were finding their mainstream success.

The outfit’s Dan Joe shares, “It portrays several different young women we have met through life gathered in one woman. A free soul who is young and doesn’t worry about everything like us.” Exemplified brilliantly in rejuvenating lyrics such as, “She’s young / And on a high / The stars will lead her through the night / She’s young / With an urge to fly / She feels like she’ll never die”.

On this single, this Copenhagen twesome blends their impactful brand of airy pop and their indelible harmonies into a catchy dreamscape that’ll have you humming along tude sødt. And you can stream this nostalgic dreampop track now, at the GTC.

THE OCEANS Young & High

Artist photo // Quotes courtesy of Potato Head PR

Produced by Linus Valdemar & Dan Joe
Mixed by Linus Valdemar
Mastered by Fabian Tormin

Lyrics & Music by The Oceans
Arrangement by The Oceans
Linus Valdemar – vocals, backing vocals, bass, guitar, synthesizer, drum
Dan Joe – vocals, backing vocals, bass, guitar, synthesizer, drum programming
Add. Musician:
Anders Overgaard – backing vocals


We actually thought we were done with the upcoming album. But we felt like we were missing a link to our previous songs – a track that just kicks on at full speed, and suddenly ‘Young & High’ came to us”, – Dan Joe

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