Keeley The Glitter and the Glue
7. August 2022 By Walter Price 0

SUNDAY CLASSIC GTC: KEELEY The Glitter and the Glue

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The Glitter and the Glue

by Walter Price

Well done jangle-pop, that post-punk blend of psych and melody never goes out of style. And the recent single “The Glitter and the Glue” from Dublin’s Keeley is as much of a blast from the past as it is poised to anchor many of this Summer’s playlists. But as you listen to this track with a more dedicated ear and dig into the credits, many things force you to realize that this song is deeper than most pop singles.

Checking out the credits you’ll find the dedication, “Inga Maria Hauser (1969-1988)”, which will lead you down a rabbit hole of murder, injustice, and the ongoing mystery surrounding the German photographer’s demise in Northern Ireland so long ago. It’s no wonder the songwriter has delved so deeply into this gripping who-done-it.

In a blog post, Keeley [Moss] published this passage, “33 years. Much has changed during that time but so much has stayed the same. Inga’s killers still haven’t spent a day behind bars. And yet if Inga’s case has exhibited one overriding characteristic over the years it’s that however hopeless the prospects of justice may seem, it never fails to find a way to survive and be revived. Time and time and time again it has appeared dead in the water, having hit brick wall after brick wall. But it never stays down for long. At most, it is out of the spotlight for a couple of years only for some surprising new development to occur as if out of nowhere, and in doing so propel the case back to the top of the news agenda where it belongs.”

It’s a very rare occasion that an indelible pop song takes one on a journey into the darkness of the legal system, but this one does. And as bizarre as the connection between both may be, the single and the story of Inga Maria Hauser should be heard.

“The Glitter and the Glue” comes from the forthcoming Brave Warrior EP, expected June 18, 2021. You can stream the single and see its going Underground video, directed by Keeley herself, now at the GTC.

KEELEY The Glitter and the Glue

+ Brave Warrior EP

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Keeley – Vocals & Guitars
Alan Maguire – Keyboards & Programming
All songs written by Keeley, except You ‘Never Made It That Far’ written by Keeley/Kiang
All songs published by Copyright Control
Produced & engineered by Alan Maguire
Mixed by Alan Maguire & Keeley

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