The Neighbourhood Watch
27. February 2021 By Walter Price 0

…sense of loving, THE NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH – 20 Year Dream

The Neighbourhood Watch – Lost in Bloom LP is available at Spotify, Apple Music +.

The Neighbourhood Watch

by Walter Price

At some point in early adulthood, you’ll likely discover that the people that have faded in and out of your life have moved on without you. Letting go for the good is a sobering reality and the recent single “20 Year Dream” from Toronto’s The Neighbourhood Watch is a personal examination of the realization that many folks are better off with you in the rearview. As vocalist/songwriter Tristan Surman is quoted, “20 Year Dream,” is about being happy for the people you used to love. Accepting that you were standing in the way of their growth.”

With a sound someplace between Dr. Hook and Ben Folds, The Neighbourhood Watch have a beautiful skill in delivering harsh truths in melodic and soothing modern folk-rock. As their stunning ten-track LP ‘Lost in Bloom’ can attest. Again, quoting Surman, “Lost in Bloom, is about three things: abandoning arrogance, resenting the people we loved, and being scared of growing up. A collection of profound changes and adjustments have happened over the past two years, in all of our lives. Whether it was deep self-reflection on how we treated our friends, relationships ending, or the anxiety of a global pandemic – the years between 19 and 21 were eventful.”

If you’re into indelible storytelling that’ll stick to your soul, then take the LP for a long drive and add “20 Year Dream” to your favorite leaving-adolescence-behind playlist. You can stream the LP and single, now at the GTC.


Band photo via Facebook

Tristan Surman – Vocals, Rythm Guitar
Tyler Moretti – Piano
Ethan Surman – Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals
Wyeth Robertson – Drums, Guitar

Directed by Charlie Hill
Shot and edited by Max Mezo
Colour by Jordan Harvey

The Neighbourhood Watch

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Let’s reflect on how our energy has the power to make others either feel warm and loved, or cold and rejected. Whether it’s actual adolescence or arrested development, a lot of us aren’t conscious enough of our impact and responsibility in the world. It’s such simple things. How you share good news. How you argue with your significant other. Make space for the people you love to say what they need to say, and be who they need to be.” – bio

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