the mercy kills
14. July 2015 By Walter Price 0

The Mercy Kills Say You Do

the mercy killsgot so much I want to put you through…

by Walter Price


Surprising enough Melbourne’s The Mercy Kills dug into their archives for their new single/video “Say You Do” and it’s how to Rock N’ Roll. A raucous romp through the getting loose TMK experience: sex, drugs (allegedly) and plenty of mischief + a slew of inflatable doll play for added you know. It appears to be filmed at legendary Cherry Bar (on AC/DC Lane no doubt) and I do believe that’s the venue’s larger than life impresario making an appearance. How do I know, I’ve never been to this spot… I have the internet. The track itself is a killer post punk splendidly gets 90’s glam rebirth in what is probably one of the band’s stronger tracks which is hard to say since their catalog is stone solid.

So get dirty and put The Mercy Kills new Rock N’ Roll extravaganza into your miserable day and don’t forget to check out the band’s releases on iTunes.


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