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14. July 2015 By Walter Price 0

Browsing Collection Greetings From Wonderland

browsing collection…it’s hooky, it’s catchy, and it has a sharp twist of in-your-face attitude.”
by Maria Haskins   Better brace yourself for impact and hold on to something solid, because Browsing Collection’s new album Greetings From Wonderland just might knock you flat on your back once you crank it up. This Swedish four-piece holds absolutely nothing back on this release, speeding and slamming their way through a track-list that is chock-full of hard-rocking goodness. Browsing Collection formed in 2008 and play “catchy punkrock with metal influences”, which is as good a description as any of their music: it’s hooky, it’s catchy, and it has a sharp twist of in-your-face attitude. The album blasts off with the blazing hot and defiant ‘Don’t Tell Me’. There’s a razor sharp fierceness in both the vocals and the lyrics, with Browsing Collection pouring on the guitar power right from the start, while rumbling things up with some heavy bass and drums. It’s all speed and power after that, with tracks like the furious ‘Haters Gonna Hate’; the fist-pumping speed and roar of ‘Gotta Get Away’; and the riff-heavy swagger of ‘Scream It Out Loud’. The band rips through the ballsy ‘All I Want Swedish rockIs Rock N’ Roll’, and then throw in some keyboards to sweeten the pot on the wickedly delish ‘Have You Ever Heard Of Karma’. One of my favourites in this grade A track-list is ‘Just Words’ – a tune that flaunts some great 80’s rock-ballad gloss, a shimmering melody to go with the terrific guitar work, and some heart-piercing passion in the throaty vocals and wounded lyrics. Another one of my favourite tracks is the heavy-hitting and slightly trippy ‘Rejoinder’ – a tune that goes more metal, with massive guitars and drums and some great vocal work as well. The gnarly and fiery rocker ‘I Don’t Pity Assholes’; and the rousing ‘Give Me Everything’ deliver more of Browsing Collection’s musical power, before the band slows down with some piano and a softer vibe on ‘The Forgotten’. Browsing Collection floors it again on final track ‘Greetings From Wonderland’ – a track that is pumped full of attitude and swagger: “rock n’ roll is not for the weak” – it’s the perfect hard-rocking finish to a smashing good album. Greetings From Wonderland is a turbo-charged collection of tracks that is perfect if you like your rock to hit you like a sucker-punch (I do). Get it, crank it up and don’t forget the band’s message: “Stand up for yourself, don’t trust jerks, stay off drugs and save the planet!”   Browsing Collection Website / Facebook / Twitter Band photo: Linn Carlson Photography Lineup:
  • Mimi Brander – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
  • Moa Lenngren – Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Nora Lenngren – Bass/Vocals
  • Carro Karlsson – Drums
  1. Don’t Tell Me
  2. Haters Gonna Hate
  3. Gotta Get Away
  4. Scream It Out Loud
  5. All I Want Is Rock N’ Roll
  6. Have You Ever Heard Of Karma
  7. Just Words
  8. Rejoinder
  9. I Don’t Pity Assholes
  10. Give Me Everything
  11. The Forgotten
  12. Greetings From Wonderland
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