The Hello Darlins
10. May 2023 By Walter Price 0

THE HELLO DARLINS What is a Broken Heart For?

The Hello Darlins What is a Broken Heart For? [In the Sundust] is available on Apple, Curve, Deezer

The Hello Darlins

by Walter Price

There’s always something next level when the musicians and songwriters in a band have some hefty experience behind them. Case in point, Canadian country-rock outfit The Hello Darling has built up quite the fan base as well as plenty of accolades and respect from said fans and media outlets as well. And their most recent single “What is a Broken Heart For?” will certainly continue the band’s esteemed trajectory.

Someplace between classic country pop and early 1990s college rock, there’s an indelible sing-a-long readiness in the song’s timeless question of Love, what’s the point, really… A quandary asked not in an oh woe is me manner, but rather in an optimistic finding freedom sorta vibe. All wrapped up in a maliciously produced arrangement that’ll have the most ardent music aficionados turning their car radios way up!

But The Hello Darlins didn’t stop with a catchy song for the ages, they have also released open roads and friends along the way music video as well. Directed by James & Libertee May, there’s an old-school communal feeling throughout. Simply, fun.

“What is a Broken Heart For?” is taken from the ‘In the Sundust’ album, available via Curve Music. You can stream the single and see its video, here at the GTC.

THE HELLO DARLINS What is a Broken Heart For?

Band photo, artwork, and quote courtesy of Curve Music and Auteur Research

VIDEO: Directed/Produced by James & Libertee May

About the Song:
written by: Candace Lacina
Produced by: Mike Little
Recorded at: United Recording Studios
Drums: Chad Cromwell
Bass: Bob Glaub
Guitars: Murray Pulver, Russell Broom
Keys: Mike Little
Vocals: Candace Lacina, Brett Ashton, Kyle Mosiuk
Engineer: Ross Hogarth
Mix: Mike Poole

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In the Sundust, our newly available EP which serves as a glimpse into a larger collection of songs, which will be released late this year. It’s therapeutic to immerse yourself in music when you’re going through hard times. We love to write songs that are emotional, melancholy, and heartfelt but sometimes it feels good to just have a fun song!” – press sheet

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