Mason Lowe
9. May 2023 By Walter Price 1

…don’t seem real, MASON LOWE Plastered

Mason Lowe Plastered [Morning People LP] is available on Bandcamp, Deezer, Killroom Records

Mason Lowe

by Walter Price

Someplace between Nirvana and The Presidents of the United States of America and as crunchy as it is melodic is the fresh solo single “Plastered” from Seattle rocknroller Mason Lowe. The Bread & Butter drummer and (one of) the Top Five Sweetest, err Sweatiet Guys of Seattle 2017 says of the track, “When I started writing songs for this album [Morning People], I was going through a long lonely period. But “Plastered” was one of the last few songs written for the album. And by then, I was in L-U-V love. I was a straight-up twinkle toes motherfucker! This song is about someone getting steamrolled by love, is heading off the rails, and is just letting it happen.”

bowled over and feeling uncontrollably fuzzy inside is a true treat. Kinda like the song itself, I’d say. But wait, there’s MORE! There’s a trippy music video, to boot. Directed by Sean Downey, it’s quite the experience. One-off instrumentation, pesky ivy, and one helluva Sledgehammerish good time throughout.

If you’re into tasty riffs, earworming sing-a-long melodies, and brilliantly surreal music videos…You can stream “Plastered” and see its video, here at the GTC!

MASON LOWE Plastered

Original artist photo, artwork, and quote courtesy of No Rules PR

Performed, recorded, and mixed by Mason Lowe at Aim Low Sounds on Seattle’s beautiful Beacon Hill.
Additional engineering by Zoë Parsons.
Additional mixing by Ben Jenkins at Killroom Studios.
Mastered by John McCaig at Panic Studios.
Cover art by Clarita Hinojosa.


Directed and edited by Sean Downey
Director of Photography, Joshua Chin
Sets by Zoë Parsons

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So I just walk in cock-eyed plastered with kisses
Damage equal from the hits and the misses
Equal damage it just don’t seem real
Oh I got to get my hands on the wheel

If I can’t understand how to handle my mind
Then I’m up on the wall and I fall or I fly

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