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The Eventualities Of Greasy Spoon

Alle & Emi
(Photo: Nicola Bechi)

By Walter Price

Italians are fabled for their grand passion more than their history of Rock N’ Roll. Which is interesting since the country is truly full of both.
From the accidental inception, we’ve been following the journey and growing legend of one of Italy’s bright examples of Rock, Greasy Spoon. A band that is eagerly and honestly going to get you to love their sounds with very little social media; formats used so often in falsely propping up popularity. Instead they will get you to their shows and melt your heart and soul with authentic power blues that find them someplace between Manfred Mann and The Fuzztones with enough familiar pungent hints that will please the old school rockers while enticing the younger ones into thinking they just discovered the new rock gods.  
The band isn’t worried about much of anything but only to make music that will cause you to yearn for more without any of the hipster trappings that many of today’s artists strive so hard for while letting their sounds wonder soulless across music history.
Greasy Spoon will not make it easy for you to love them but don’t blame them when you can’t help yourself falling hopelessly head over heels.

What happened, you guys were in one place about to make chart history and then BOOM, Greasy Spoon appears.  

Well. Greasy Spoon was born when me and Emi were kicked out from one band cause they wanted to go funky-disco and we found ourselves in the middle of the road…we kicked our own butts and decided to give it a go as a duo, since we didn’t want to share it with anyone and we had to prove something. That we were better than anyone else…two men against the world

Does Greasy Spoon have a problem with social media?

You mean magazines and newspapers?

Newspapers? No cave dweller, Facebook, Bandcamp etc.

I would like Greasy Spoon to get known the old way, playing gig after gig in the smallest and stinkiest assholes around…just spreading the word and passing the CDs.

Iwant to make my little part in promoting the reborn of interest as a way of living…you like music? Well, go searching for infos, go out and listen to some concert, put some commitment in looking for that elusive album or whatever…be interested! It’s not like pushing a like button without even listening to the stuff.

Obviously I like to share some stuff on the net to have an immediate feedback, to check what people think about it…but I don’t think you could win any real fan without playing live, at least with our kind of music.

There a ton of great duos out in the rock market, in your opinion what makes GS stand out?

We are not influenced by any other duo, and we have a much wider scope in song writing than you would think a duo could…I’m not saying we are the best, we are probably shit, but we are different for sure…and I don’t collect 50’s memorabilia or 60’s 7 inches.

That last bit seems very pointed; do you think there is too much ‘hipster’ and not enough substance in rock n’ roll these days?

90% is all about hype, and you can partially blame internet for that, and that’s another reason I’m not dying about riding the social media phenomenon. I struggle really hard to figure out a contemporary band that could stand the test of time, emerging head and shoulders above the others…it’s more about how cool is your sound this week? Did you put enough 80’s reverb on those drums this morning? No substance, no songwriting…to me they look like computer nerds that discovered music through some videogame more than a record collection…you have to bring on the tradition, starting from what you love, say something personal without fear of being obvious.

Bring on and forward the tradition, actually.

How come we never here from Emi? Is he actual flesh and blood?

Emi is the powerhouse drummer that doesn’t need to talk, he only loves banging his drums and his woman, that’s what he’s actually does all the time…he doesn’t give a fuck about you, me or Greasy Spoon…just give him a groove and something to hit hard.

Has he ever looked at you with eyes of admiration? You don’t have to answer if you think your wife will hide your Plácido Domingo albums.


Scratch that one. How much touring do you guys plan for the next few months?

Wherever they call us we go…we are planning a couple of dates in cool, intimate places at the moment, but we are always looking to share the stage with some other band we like, cause I think that short is sweet and two sets are better than one, and I don’t like to bother people for more than 30/40 minutes…we are not Deep Purple and people are not waiting for the endless sequence of hits…

Whose blood has more Rock N’ Roll powers, Björn Ulvaeus or Stevie Nicks?

Stevie was made by Rock N’ Roll Satana himself, she’s too hot to be true and could melt you with the blink of an eye…Björn has that “i don’t give a flying fuck” attitude that only men of real Rock N Roll power have…I would screw Stevie anyway.

What glorious sound from the grand days of Rock N’ Roll would you like to see bastardized by the corporate music machine?

AOR at the moment is the most refreshing thing I can think of…from Fiona to Survivor, bring back some melody as bring back some melody, bastards!

Will you guys ever have anything for sale?

At the moment I’m thinkin’ about a handmade numbered release…old school to the very bone.

Will GS license music for cereal adverts?

For sure they would be the greasiest cereals ever…so yes!

What is Greasy Spoons special message for the people?

Play it like you eat it.

Thanks for the chat today.

Thank you, it was fun. I’m going to see Ghost tonight.

Will they get a CD?


Not ready yet…I have to print the cover. and I don’t have any CD- Rom at home.

 GREASY SPOON: SoundCloud.

Come On And Taste The Noise…