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15. August 2016 By Walter Price 0

Terry Lee Hale Jawbone

Terry Lee Hale reviewTerry Lee Hale’s new Album Bound Chained Fettered

by Walter Price


Terry Lee Hale has released a new album (via Glitterhouse Records) titled Bound, Chained, Fettered and this time the singer-songwriter has changed perspective gears from what he conveyed on his brillant 2013 album The Long Draw.

Bound, Chained, Fettered is first person in open landscapes, an album where the stories and arrangements are encouraged to breath.

Perfect example of letting the story work out it’s tone is the single “Jawbone”. A track that builds like a beautifully choreographed noir film. Steady and purposeful as Hale reminds his experienced and confident guitar work that there is a tale to tell and it’s okay to let the narrative work itself out in beautiful raw calm.

It is apparent that the collaboration on Bound, Chained, Fettered with producer Antonio Gramentieri has allowed Hale to reach into new corners of music making. There is certainly a willingness to go further in what has already been a long and winding career for Hale. And Bound, Chained. Fettered may prove to be one of his best albums, so far.


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