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29. August 2015 By Walter Price 1

Ten Benson Mud Man Video

Titsby Walter Price


For the fans of low slung heavy riffed dirty societally skeptical rock n’ roll the news the Ten Benson crew finally followed through with their threat to make a comeback via a long awaited new single and video “Mud Man” is more than tantalizing good times. A track that hits hard in the band’s wheelhouse of gnarling lyrics and powerhouse greasy rock and a splash of wink and a smile that we’re all very familiar with. Good to have TB back!

If that wasn’t enough to keep the diehard fans busy for a sleazy fortnight, the band’s Christopher Teckkam detailed a whole lot about the goings on with the new track and the Mark Locke (Pixies, Dinosaur Jr) directed video.

“Walter, it’s only 3 years since Ten Benson recorded and shot the video for our ‘new’ single MUD MAN (to be released 11/09/15).

“I could give you all the reasons for this tardiness, but I won’t bore you with the details. I’m just glad it’s coming out at last. And with a bit of luck it’ll be like unblocking the sink, stuff has surely got to flow faster now!

“Let’s talk about the video.

“The MUD MAN vid was made by Mark Locke, and shot entirely in and around Tamworth in the midlands (UK).

“I met Mark way back when he made the vid for the Ten Benson track BLACK SNOW. I was totally impressed by his energy and drive; I mean who the hell offers to make painted landscape backdrops, black snowmen costumes and to direct small children? And all just for the love of it and a few pints?

“The making of Ten Benson videos always seem to involve a fair amount of human suffering, and Mud Man was no exception. Thomas Zefman Stringer, the guy who plays the Mud Man had to spend many hours glued and taped into a modified rubber gimp suit, (not sure how he got to take a leak?) and then made to stomp about in swamps and backroads in the middle of the night, or be submerged in a wheelie bin full of cold water. We just hope he got a kick out of it.

“And some friends of ours agreed to do a spot of mud wrestling for this vid, but no-one had told them it would take hours in cold mud and that they’d have to be hosed-down with cold water afterwards to clean up. You could sense at times that they were not very happy.

“Our guitarist totally lost his sense of humour after having to spend 10 minutes in this mud bath to shoot the guitar solo. Thing is, he could keep his pants on so we don’t really know what he had to complain about.

“Anyway, we hope Ten Benson fans everywhere will appreciate this particular outing, and we’ll make damn sure it’s not such a long wait till the next trip!”

There you have it, from the mastermind’s own mind and mouth. Now put Ten Benson’s long awaited new single/video into your eyes and let it burrow deep.


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