TAXES Foie Gras
21. July 2022 By Walter Price 0

TAXES Foie Gras & Sancerre + Last Call

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TAXES Foie Gras

by Walter Price

This just in, San Francisco indie rockers TAXES have fired up the way back machine and have dropped a weighty soul-twisting emo track called “Foie Gras & Sancerre”. Which sounds pretty fancy on the surface, but worry not, highfalutin wasn’t involved in the crafting of this piercing throwback single.

Taken from the forthcoming album Retirement Home expected in November, this track and its predecessor “Last Call” are exciting calling cards for what to expect when the full LP drops. In a quote provided to the GTC, band mastermind and veteran indie rock purveyor Robby Cronholm says of the new project, “Sonically, I’m really proud of this record. I think it’s the best work I’ve done, and maybe that’s enough for right now.”

Which, if you read TAXES/Cronholm’s full press release, is a pretty comfortable and confident statement to make. As the former crumb. (the original band, not the new one going by the same name) frontman also hints that Retirement Home is more of a personal achievement than an attempt to woo the masses. He’s been there, done that already. And as solid as the two tracks below will attest, this fuck it all and let me finally just be me attitude has paid off in spades.

TAXES Foie Gras & Sancerre

+ Last Call

Band photo // Quotes courtesy of Public Display PR

Produced by Ryan Williams

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“Retirement Home has the sense and maturity of seasoned musicians, writing songs to satisfy their own love of writing and music as much as that of their fanbase. Thematically accepting the idea of growing old while also loving your past, Taxes have committed themselves to formidable earnestness and contemplative pleasure in their compositions, resulting in an effort that’s both raw and polished, sleek and graceful, and emotive enough to push listeners to feel something new and unfamiliar.” – bio

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