Talena Bricker
31. August 2020 By Walter Price 0

…searching for some peace, SINGLE: TALENA BRICKER – In Betweens

Talena Bricker – In Betweens is available at Apple Music, Bandcamp.

Talena Bricker

by Walter Price

The recent warm and sympathetic single, “In Betweens”, from Pacific Northwest singer-songwriter Talena Bricker is an ode to wellness and it’s as beautifully delicate as it is timeless. With a melody that’s reminiscent of a traditional Irish folk tune with hints of a sea shanty, this track is personal. As Bricker explains, “I wrote this song two years ago. I had 4 children, the youngest still a baby, and I was just starting to figure out how to live a life outside of my four walls. I was someone who needed fresh air, space, freedom, while also wanting the white picket family. I was someone who wanted a close relationship, but also sometimes feels claustrophobic. For me, this song is mostly about balance and mental health.”

I’ve been searching for some peace
Of mind that’s not a new disease
And blues and greens and dead machines
I’m getting lost in, in betweens

Seeds, we are seeds
Either buried or flying
Some are born while others are dying
Some of us loving while some of us are losing
Sometimes giving and sometimes we’re using

While this song comes from the storyteller’s individual experiences, there’s still plenty of room to make it your own. In a new world that continues its topsy-turvy trajectory, cluttered with an overabundance of undeniable stresses while we all struggle to rediscover ourselves or simply find balance is all too familiar. And this lush and poetic track is not only a journey well worth experiencing, but it could also be interpreted as a song to soundtrack this ever-changing era.

If you’re a fan of the lyricism of Suzanne Vega, Duncan Sheik, and/or Joan Armatrading, then add this one to your reality-check and a cup of tea playlist. You can stream this single as well as the whispery beauty of “From These Cliffs”, now at Global Texan.


Artist photo by Brittney Kluse

Written by Talena Jae Bricker
Produced by Matt Greco
Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Matt Greco at The Rye Room, Portland, OR
Mastered by Amy Dragon, Telegraph Mastering
Vocals: Talena Bricker
Guitar: Matt Salinas
Bass: Joe Intile
Drums/Percussion: Jeramy Burchett
Keys: Matt Greco
Violin: Kyleen King

Talena Bricker

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When I write, I’m grappling with complicated feelings and narratives. I ask questions in music and leave things open-ended and unresolved. That’s life, and that’s what feels human to me. It brings me a beautiful catharsis, and it helps me to connect with others as they can use these songs to make sense of their own lives,” – T. Bricker

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