The Swedish Railway Orchestra
18. July 2020 By Walter Price 0


The Swedish Railway Orchestra – The Swedish Railway Orchestra is available at Bandcamp.

The Swedish Railway Orchestra

by Walter Price

Dublin soundmachine Rob Smith’s The Swedish Railway Orchestra has just dropped this summer’s playlist winner. “What’s Going On?” is a stunning thump with deep thoughts intertwined as the video, directed by Conor Waters, depicts in a palpable realism. A bright day, set in the beauty of the countryside, as a handsome, younger Michael J. Fox looker (played brilliantly by Paul St Leger) takes an introspective bike ride, sips some beer, deals with contemplation, lets angst fly with funky impromptu dance and then…it gets real twisty. M. Night Shyamalan-style.

“What’s Going On?” is from the self-titled album, out now via Cocklebob Recordings. And you can watch all the trippy unfold, below.

TSRO – What’s Going On?

Article cover photo via YouTube

Actor – Paul St Leger
Director – Conor Waters

“What’s Going On”, written, performed and produced by R. Smith

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What started out as instrumental alternative dance music, evolved into everything from house and disco to experimental dance-punk to electronic rock. Smith has released a number of records under this guise. Following the success of his Argentine soccer-laced punk anthem Dale Boca Juniors, it was quite the sharp turn when he switched the distorted guitars for the synthesizer.” – bio

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