27. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

Superchunk Loves Touring

Superchunk – “I Hate Music” out now

There is some good news and some, you may already know, bad news from the web headquarters of Superchunk

Good Bews, the band is currently out on the road in support of their recently released album of joyful songs called I Hate Music. Mainly hitting cities in the States with a couple of UK stops and one lonely Australian stopover on the list. 

Bad News, Superchunk bassist, Laura Ballance, had announced earlier that she was having some hearing loss and wouldn’t be making this outing with the band. Saying, in part:

“Tickets for the upcoming Superchunk tour are now on sale and there is something you might want to know. I have been having some problems with my ears, the sort of problems commonly known as “hearing loss,” “ringing,” and less commonly as “hyperacusis.” I have found that playing rock shows for the last couple of years has worsened my condition and I have made the difficult decision not to go out on the road with Superchunk for the upcoming campaign for I Hate Music. And it’s not because I hate music. And it’s not because I am too old. You know, that thing about if it’s too loud you are too old? That keeps running through my head, dammit.” Laura Ballance

We understand that one must take care of themselves…Be well. 

To read all of Laura’s statement and to get all of Superchunk’s tour dates & details, click HERE!