super bloom
4. June 2019 By Walter Price 0

Summer Psych Jam: THE BLANK TAPES – ‘Super Bloom’ (EP)

Super Bloom is available now @ Bandcamp.

super bloom

by Walter Price

Summer is upon us and that means a fresh release by the always reliable The Blank Tapes. Their new EP ‘Super Bloom’ is six tracks of summer-psych jams that will mesmerize. And for longtime fans, the vibes are recognizable. Although the opening title track is almost misleading with the programmed drums, it soon morphs into one of Matt Adams’ signature meditations as it opens the set’s first chapter.

What may cause much of the album’s deserved recognition, beyond the clearly complex and layered production throughout, is Adams’ brilliant guitar work. On songs “Get Yourself Down”, “El Scorcho”, and “Exotica” in particular, the licks provide much of the emotional journey. As they weave in and out of deep sonic landscapes not usually associated with indie productions.

The closer, “Jreaming”, rounds out the set’s story-line in a dreamy lullaby fashion. Straight or not, try not to drift deep into your subconscious.

And it’s no secret that Matt Adams and his Blank Tapes are creating to their own beat, and that, again, is much of the magic of ‘Super Bloom’.


Written and performed by Matt Adams.

#1 recorded by Matt Adams & Avid Dancer at Arroyo Seco Studio in Yucca Valley, CA 2016. #2, 4 & 5 recorded to 1″ tape by Caster Black with Milo Segal at TUM in Santa Barbara, CA 2017, overdubs by Matt Adams. #3 & 6 recorded to 1/8″ tape by Matt Adams at the Sweat Lodge in LA, CA 2015. #1, 2, 4 & 5 mixed by Nathan Sabatino. Mastered by Paul Oldham. Photography by Cristian Sigler. Lettering and layout by Matt Adams. Available on cassette by Brown Truck Records.

Avid Dancer – Drums & bongos #1
Will Halsey – Drums #2, 4 & 5, bongos on #4
Jason Cirimele – Bass #2, 4 & 5

super bloom

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