Hands off Gretel
6. June 2019 By Walter Price 0

No doubt about it, SINGLE- HANDS OFF GRETEL – “It’s My Fault” (I Want The World LP)

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Hands Off Gretel

by Walter Price

South Yorkshire’s skater/grunge revivalists Hands Off Gretel latest album ‘I Want The World’ is a rebellious and energetic monster. Thoughts of Bikini Kill, Melvins, Nirvana, and even a smidgen of Guano Apes wafting from its twelve tracks. Songs that could, and probably should soundtrack a stylish hard-edged coming of age indie flick.

Vocalist, the powerful Lauren Tate, transitions with ease from FU punk growls, guttural neu-metal wails, and emotional introspective pop-punk. And the later brings us to their recent single, “It’s My Fault”.

I’m off like a shot
Middle finger held right up
Don’t give enough
Underdog with my laces in a knot
And I just let it all out, let it all out
And the teachers don’t know why
I cannot sit and just be quiet all the time

A softly bruising track that will certainly induce memories of No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom’ heyday as it examines the all too familiar angst-ridden need to be understood (or not). Maybe you’re different, an “underdog”, causing confusion and perhaps discomforting interactions from the unknowing. But is anyone asking you the right questions? Are they just passing weighty judgment as they leer/leave? Is it truly your fault that you push against the grain…or is it all in your head.


Lauren Tate – Sam Hobbins – Becky Baldwin – Sean McAvinue

Lyric video by Lauren Tate, Filmed by Helen Tate

Hands off Gretel

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