Welcome Home
3. June 2019 By Walter Price 0

Speaks right to the heart, SINGLE/VIDEO: THE TEXAS K.G.B. – “Welcome Home”

The Texas K.G.B. – ‘Welcome Home’ is available @ Apple Music. Welcome Hone by Walter Price   The latest album by beyond-Americana outfit The Texas K.G.B. (Kelly Green Band), ‘Welcome Home’, has been out for a minute, but its powers seem to be building as the release is popping up more and more on social media platforms, rightly so. And there is no doubt that the title track is the calling card. A track that embodies a vast range of genres within its four-plus minutes. Starting off with a Cash-esque rhythm as the addictive melodies kick in, but things in this song change without warning. As the first jam inspired break comes in and out of nowhere a prog-like moment changes everything. Followed by a chugging train of a slow burn begins, and again, the track takes the listener into a whole new realm of raw emotional melodic perfection. An explosion of the unique song construction talents this band has in its arsenal. The GGHK produced video utilizes its natural setting to further emphasize KGB’s roots origins. I’m not sure what Americana means anymore, but whatever its definition may be for you, The Texas K.G.B. are changing perceptions. And if you’re a fan of The Lumineers, Black Swift and/or KT Tunstall, “Welcome Home”, will fit your roots inspired playlist nicely.  



    Welcome Home

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