Sunrise Transparence feat. BAO
24. May 2021 By Walter Price 0

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE: Covered in Brass, Sunrise Transparence feat. BAO

Sunrise Transparence feat. BAO – Welcome to the Black Parade is available at Bandcamp.

Sunrise Transparence feat. BAO

by Walter Price

My Chemical Romance’s 2006 juggernaut hit “Welcome to the Black Parade” is hallowed ground for many diehard fans. So to cover it is a heavy task to take on. But what if you think out of the box? What if you go so far out of what is thought possible and create a multi-layered masterstroke in production patience? Well, maybe you’ll come up with the fascinating cover, “The Brass Parade”, created by Sunrise Transparence feat. BAO, all in brass. Lots of brass. “54 layers of epic brass!” (and another 46 vocals layers and drums, to boot).

What could’ve come out as tacky or kitsch, is actually a study in production know-how. And the accompanying film shines a light on the complexity of this one-person + BAO production. In an era with so much adversity plaguing the world, it’s pretty awesome to see that artists are finding new ways to make art more interesting than ever. Kudos to the incomparable BAO’s beautiful take on Gerard Way & Co’s lyrics and to the fascinating imagination of Sunrise Transparence.

And if this track inspires you to take up brass or woodwinds, Zoom lessons are available. Check out the YouTube credits for contact info. You can stream this cover as well as watch its film, now at the GTC.

Sunrise Transparence feat. BAO

Welcome to the Black Parade

Artist photos via Facebook

Sunrise Transparence – brass (trombones, euphonium, tuba, horns, cornets), drums, arrangement
BAO – vocals
tttlllrrr – cover art/viz

Sunrise Transparence feat. BAO

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The Brass Parade [all-brass cover of My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade] features Sunrise Transparence as a one-person marching band, laying down 54 layers of epic brass! ST is joined by amazing vocalist BAO, who added another 46 layers of vocal tracks. Add a couple drum tracks, and we’re at 103 layers of MCR like you’ve never heard them before!” – bio

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