dream states
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SUNDAY CLASSIC GTC: QUIL Dream States Track x Track

QUIL – Dream States is available @ Bandcamp.

dream states

by Walter Price

Oklahoma’s indie pop/rock duo QUIL have released a full-length album Dream States. Dream States is a treat of an album that showcases the pair’s growth over the past year or so and rides lush in airy spaces.

This release furthers the band’s commitment to their partnership as you go through each track and realize that Alexis Quinn and Troy J Brainard more than a compliment and rely on the mutual contributions. Quinn’s songwriting is simply fascinating and personal in-depth without messy over complicating things.

Quinn delighted us and went track by track Dream States.

Not the Same As Lying

The idea for this song came from someone telling me that denying something isn’t necessarily the same as lying. It’s about half-truths; denying that you want someone or something, denying that you feel a certain way or believe in something particular is sometimes an easy way out from expressing your true feelings. I think this song is also about knowing when someone else is doing the same, when you have that unspoken conversation of, “You’re denying this, I’m denying this, your secret is safe with me.”


This is simply a song about loving someone in a way that you know will never be reciprocated. Not necessarily romantically, but just knowing that you care more about that person than they care about you. You’d do anything for them. You’d catch them when they fall, but you know that they have jumped with no thought as to what it would do to you.

Put to Sea

I think, about feeling alone in a crowded room. I remember being at a bar or something with some friends and looking around thinking, “What are we doing?” We work our asses off to have fun only every once in a while; always to the grind just to make it by. Most people “keep it in line” until the feeling passes and you go back to trying to be blissfully unaware.


You know that old cliche “You’re like my drug?” That’s what this song is about. There’s a rush of blood to the head that you get around certain people, and I tried to put that feeling into a song.


This is one of the more personal songs on the album. Essentially, a situation happened and in retrospect I felt like a liar for never saying enough. Like, if you love someone or if you need help, or if you appreciate having them in your life, but you never tell them and then things fall apart, it can be easy to feel like you were the catalyst. Eventually, you feel like a liar for never saying how you felt.

There Is A Light

Honestly, when you’re about to graduate college and you still don’t know exactly what you want to do with your life you kind of just want someone to say, “Hey. You should do this, you’d be great, it’s your calling.” You’re searching through the darkness and waiting for a light to catch your eye and lead you home. Of course, there are many situations in life that will leave us looking for a sign. Hopefully, the song applies to those, too.

Slow Motion

I think “Slow Motion” attempts to describe those moments when you know something major is about to happen. Something life-changing is about to take place and sometimes you see it coming but you can’t stop it. Your heart stops and all of your senses are heightened, and every single second seems to last forever.


Not gonna lie here, I watched the movie Gravity and thought it would be cool to be an astronaut. I’ll probably never be an astronaut, so I wrote a song about it instead.


I wrote this song about my parents who are recently divorced. It’s about that sweet spot in a relationship before it turns sour. For some that’s 20 days, for others, it’s 20 years. Hopefully, for some people it’s never-ending. You know how it feels at the end of summer? That’s what I envisioned when I wrote this and I hope the song captures the feeling of the sun setting on a late summer day, soaking up the last bit of warmth before things turn cold.

Quiet Love

Quiet Love is about unspoken love. The love is there but it’s not like a shout from the mountain tops kind of love, you know? It’s quiet, subdued, a whisper.

[ 5. June 2015 ]


Alexis Quinn & Troy J Brainard

dream states

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