6. August 2013 By Walter Price 2

Stuck In My Head: “Augenbling” – Seeed

In the part of my brain that catches and retains random songs out of nowhere, I have lately been having Berlin’s Reggae/dance hall veterans Seeed’s “Augenbling” stuck right inside my skull cavity. It seems to have replaced “Thrift Shop” and “Gangnam Style” that are usually rattling around in there.

I want to be fair, Seeed is one of the most talented ‘new reggae’ acts in the world. They are able to blend their versions of hip-hop, reggae, rock and a dash of pop flawlessly. Perfect example being  “Aufstehn ft. Cee-Lo Green. Worth a listen when you have the time.

But for now try not to get ” Augenbling” stuck in your noggin. And if you live outside Europe and haven’t caught the Seeed wave, it would be worth your time to explore their world.

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