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Clara Luzia: The More You Know

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Clara Luzia.  

By C. Price

Three things you have on your bucket list?

NO bucket list or whatsoever. Just want to be happy, and grateful which I am already, so…

Three songs that will be part of your life forever?
“Birds” – Electrelane, “Nude As The News” – Cat Power, “Swan Dive” – Ani DiFranco

The worst venue or city you had to play in and why?
Rostock was pretty horrible. There were some nazis in the audience and we still don’t know how they got there, and after the show an elder man gave me unwanted advice how to improve my songwriting.

One nasty habit you can’t live without?
Squeezing somebody else’s pimples and spots.

If you had to, would you leave your cell phone at home for at least one day?
Sure, I gladly would, and I often do.

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