23. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

Stilbruch LIVE!

“Alles Kann Passieren”

Sebastian Maul, Friedemann Hasse Gunnar Nilsson better known as Stilbruch have announced some upcoming show dates for your musical pleasure.

This is an outstanding live three piece band. Although their music is slightly different and they are men, they remind me of going to watch The Dixie Chicks in the early days.(I mostly refer stage presence and master of their craft) Sound odd? Go see this act live and then compare and get back to me on it.

Out in support of their album Anything Can Happen you’ll be pleased with their music and performances, for sure!
Break in style on this album celebrates a musical journey across the genres. Thirteen German titles and an instrumental piece impressively show the development of the three musicians. With highly sensitive and skillfully classical arrangements they create a rousing rock music, each song unfolds its own unique character. True to the motto: “Anything can happen!” (Stilbruch website)

You Can Find All The Bands Tour Details By Clicking HERE!

Their Facebook Page HERE!