Pearl Charles EP
10. September 2015 By Walter Price 0

Sounds of Pearl Charles

Pearl Charles EPI cried so hard I could hardly see and I run to the river but the river run dry…

by Walter Price


Since I last wrote about California free spirited stoner songstress Pearl Charles I had just a couple of tracks to devour and savor. This is now and the one with model good looks and the voice of eras gone by has a new self-titled EP via Burger Records but it is on cassette and since I refuse to consider this format the retro wave of the future I’ve had to rely on the internets to check out her long anticipated sounds… just kidding, the cassette is sold out..

Pull up a beanbag chair; it was well worth the digital hearing!

The six tracker was written by Charles with a little here and there from Matt Adams, Miguel Mendez & Scott Kinnebrew. Which explains the added textures, the touch of Gram Parson’s era country rock and plenty of 60’s pop, dark flings à la Sandoval mixed with the prerequisite psychedelic you’d expect but don’t get all bogged and twisted thinking you have this collection figured out before laying ears. Charles is as modern as any of your indie media darlings with added she lives her persona coolness that packaged stars seem to lose along the way. For my money were the EP truly shines is in those tracks were that before mentioned reimagined country sneaks into the corners. There are plenty of things to dig here, listen and choose some.

Pearl Charles is now a standalone star in her own right.


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