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TidalwaveIt’s definitely the kind of debut that makes you hungry for more…

by Maria Haskins


North Carolina-based band Tidalwave is a rock band with a vibe of its own, and a sound that weaves together musical influences from bands like Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Chevelle, and Deftones. The band got together in 2012, and is essentially a two-piece with Dean on vocals and guitar, and Matt on drums. That stripped down lineup doesn’t mean the music is bare-bones: the band has a strong and satisfying sound on this self-titled debut EP, with good melodies, a rock-solid weight to the riffs and drums, and a trippy, heady undercurrent in the music.

The EP’s first track (and the first video released by the band) is “Find Myself”, with an addictive, driving guitar riff propelling the tune forward, and the sure-handed force of the drums grabbing your attention from the get-go. Dean has a strong vocal style (at times he reminds me of Chevelle’s Pete Loeffler), and is also capable of keeping it subtle rather than always pushing his voice to the limit.

On “Rx” the vocals are restrained without losing their impact, and the track keeps your interest with some great rambling guitar and drums. Confession: this track totally hooked me. Something about it throws me back to the late 1980s indie/alternative British rock-sound, though I can’t quite put my finger on what it is (maybe something in the spacey feel of the chorus and back-up vocals?), but I do know that I really, really like it.

“Endings” is a standout track – the band goes heavier with a swaying, Eastern flow and a riff that just spins and barrels and twists into you, deeper and deeper every time you listen to it. Tidalwave then slip into “Solace”, the EP’s final track – a softer, slower tune with the drums still giving it a solid, rocking backbone as Dean’s guitar almost seems to glisten here. There’s a vocal and lyrical power to this track that grows on me with every listen.

This is an impressive debut from Tidalwave: it intrigued me on first listen and keeps drawing me back. It’s definitely the kind of debut that makes you hungry for more, and I’ll be very interested to see where this band goes from here.


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  1. Find Myself
  2. Rx
  3. Endings
  4. Solace


  • Dean: vocals, guitar
  • Matt: drums


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