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…picking up the pieces, SINGLE: SODY – “Nothing Ever Changes”

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by Walter Price

The depths of addiction and the collateral damage caused aren’t easy to weather, regardless of the stage of life or what side of the predicament you land. London-based singer/songwriter Sody’s recent single “Nothing Ever Changes” is a heartbreaking account of coming to terms and the deeply emotional endgame.

You’re a monster when you drink
But nobody has the guts to tell you
That you’re a monster when you drink
And now I’m picking up the pieces
It’s not a complicated question
You either care or you don’t
You take so long to answer
Don’t think you even know

I’m saying all the things I’ve wanted to say
You don’t have the money to pay
For what you did to me
For what you did to me

Nary a dry eye or knot in the throat with each and every play of this all too familiar and tactile situation. Coupled with her previous palpable track “The Bully“, Sody is becoming one of her generation’s most powerful social conscious voices. And its to be applauded that she has such strong convictions to lay these truths out bare for the world to grasp.

There is power in knowing that you’re not alone, in whatever daunting situation you find yourself in…and the burdens of picking up the pieces do not have to be a solo journey.


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