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13. May 2017 By Walter Price 0

Gospel According to Evan Egerer – Sinner

Sinner from Evan Egerer is out now on iTunes.

evan egerer

by Walter Price


Singer-songwriter Evan Egerer doesn’t shy aways from faith. Let’s face it, God is a scary subject. Especially in popular music.With the blatant songwriting skills Egerer has he could simply go the mainstream way of John Mayer or Dave Matthews, but he has decided to travel and entertain from his heart and stout beliefs.

His new EP, “Sinner”, isn’t monotone in the slightest. Yet five tracks that vary in textures all the while keeping the focus on the message. Not preachy, but contemporary tracks that at times rock and other moments simply sooth.

The album kicks off with a Robert Plant style blues vocal “Let Your Gaurd Down” that may be the set’s best offering. But as subjective as that may be, I’ve also found the Depeche Mode-esque “Your Own Personal Jesus” guitar work on “Jericho” to be as up to date as anything Egerer has done in his burgeoning career.

Another highlight is the duet with Laura Esquivel on the center track “You Won’t Relent”. Again Egerer has chosen a melodic classic rock approach to a love song. Esquivel is the star here and I have the gut feeling the songwriter would agree. All the makings of a Christian rock classic.

The only slight miss on the release is the up to date version of the title track “Sinner”. I have always enjoyed the original, rawer and bluesier version he recorded in a classroom in 2016. Again, subjective. But with that said, the track is some of the best to the point lyrics he’s written.

If you’re ready, to be honest, “Sinner” is for you.



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