3. November 2016 By Walter Price 0

Single Midnight Snack Magic

Midnight Snack have a new single Magic from the forthcoming album Child’s Eyes.

Midnight Snack

by Walter Price


Asheville, NC’s Midnight Snack have themselves fresh new single called “Magic” from their third full-length album, Child’s Eyes. This band is new to me so I am considering this track as a sonic gateway drug, if I may. Dankeschön.

“Magic” is akin to a rootsy lo-fi Tom Tom Club/early Depeche Mode and has all the eccentricity of Talking Heads. Of course the arrangements here are brillant if not challenging and tricky at spots, but for me the highlight of this particular song is songwriter and vocalist Jack Victor. There is a magnetism that draws you in and holds you firmly with just enough room to move. Just as the way Matt Adams can tell tales of the autobiographical ordinary in whimsical deliveries and wordsmithery, Victor has these  powers as well. That’s cool.

Color me an eager new fan.


Midnight Snack: Jack Victor – Michael Johnson – Katie Richter – Peter Brownlee  – Zack Kardon

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