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4. November 2016 By Walter Price 0

From the Keller Podcast

From the Keller Podcast to launch November 2016

keller podcast

by Walter Price


After being off the air for nearly 10 years, I’ve decided to launch a new podcast. A podcast that will be personable, hopefully humorous but ultimately conversations with musicians, writers, artists and other folks  from around the world who are in whatever field they’re in for honest, passionate reasons.

Why now? If you’ve noticed the pages of The GTC have been nearly interview free for the past year or so. This is due to the fact that there is a  recent trend with newer and/or indie artists who have this idea that the world owes them something. Demanding completely ridiculous this and thats, wanting the questions  ahead of time so they can over think answers, suggesting edits etc. etc etc…More importantly and less wordy, it’s simply time to have a great time with the people I respect.

So, I’ll go back to my roots, get one on one with these amazing people doing what they do so well. Hopefully eliminating the pretentious nature the current world of entertainment and arts have created. In my previous career it was estimated that I had interviewed around a thousand people, and I plan to chat with a thousand more.

First round of guests and official launch date will be announced soon…Still working on the basement studio, which means I’m waiting for the internet provider to run lines to the basement.

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