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Shout Out Louds Are Coming

“Optica” Out Now
Swedish indie-alt-pop-rockers, Shout Out Louds are on the road, starting 25 September, and are wanting to see you! They are out there in support of their, mostly self-produced, album Optica. 

Optica is the fourth album from these indie darlings and comes off as a bit more relaxing and tighter than their last effort, Work. But that is one dude’s opinion. Only having listened to it twice, I’ll let another reviewer help us along. 

“Matching the electroid strut of the Flaming Lips’ “Fight Test” to any major key Cure single, the rousing, skywritten melody under opener “Sugar” is easy to get lost in. Current single “Illusions” follows, a glimmering New Order tribute destined to pad out dance night playlists in the months to come. Things start to slip around “Blue Ice”, a swoony New Romantic puddle dripping with lousy puns (“Blue Ice” becomes “blue eyes” that “came out of the blue,” which, well, yikes) and a limp, hushed-for-a-reason melody. Mercifully, Arcade Fire-y corker “14th of July” sweeps in to the blood going a bit, but it’s only when Adam Olenius starts singing that you’ll start seeing red. “Take me to the room where you grew up,” he requests, before adding “I bet it’s got a great view/ I bet no one loves you.” – Paul Thompson (pitchfork.com)

Whew, I think that means it’s a great album! I would have to agree…

Never the less, check out the Shout Out Louds on tour. They are certainly a grand band live…They will be supported on some dates by Deutschland’s own Empire Escape. A band we’ve really started to dig around here. So two phenomenal acts on one ticket, not bad!

This tour finds the SOL’s trekking through Germany, France, Italy and Spain. 

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