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…pull me out, SERAFIA The Well

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SERAFIA the well

by Walter Price

Singer-songwriter SERAFIA’s recent single “The Well” seems to be autobiographical. Or at least it mimics many of the aspects of the storyteller’s own origin story. Small-town Cali girl moves out of state to attend school and with big dreams comes the inevitable big doubts.

Utilizing, faith, family, and ambition to pull her through to the next horizon, “The Well” is a soundtrack-ready soul-Americana beauty with a whispery arrangement that vibes like Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Bult Me” and is well worth checking out. As this songwriter ascends to new heights in her burgeoning career, you can stream the single, here at the GTC.


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Written by SERAFIA and Brandon Cobb

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From childhood, Serafia (sah-rah-fee-yah) grew up in a small unincorporated community just outside of the farming town of Salinas, California. She moved to Texas on a basketball scholarship, but after an injury, she gave up basketball and decided to pursue music. She then moved to Austin, Texas, and began her career as a musician. Serafia got her start as a professional singing in the bars, hotels, venues, and restaurants Austin, Texas is famous for.” (bio)

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